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  1.  The League

1.1  Structure
Laws of the Game
Select Program
Olympic Development Program
College Showcase
Bob and Matt Keegan Scholarship and Robbin Rinier Scholarship


1.1   Structure

The Morris County Youth Soccer Association (MCYSA) is a Soccer League incorporated to provide competition for youth teams ages U08 to U19. The league is an organization of member clubs. These clubs have voting power to elect league officers and amend the constitution and bylaws. Each club selects a League Contact who is the club's liaison to the league. Clubs which fail to send representatives to two consecutive League Contact meetings will be fined $50.00 and $100 each subsequent meeting missed thereafter. Such actions will also result in the club being placed on probation, Section 6.3.5.

There are seven (7) League Contact Meetings each year. Five (5) are held the first Monday in February, May, June, October, and December. In addition a League Contact Meeting is held the last Monday in March and the Tuesday after Labor Day in September as a kickoff to the new seasons. There are no League Contact Meetings held in January, April, July, August, and November.

JANUARY ~ No Meeting ~ MAY 1st Monday SEPTEMBER Tuesday after
Labor Day
FEBRUARY 1st Monday JUNE 1st Monday OCTOBER 1st Monday
MARCH Last Monday JULY ~ No Meeting ~ NOVEMBER ~ No Meeting ~
APRIL ~ No Meeting ~ AUGUST ~ No Meeting ~ DECEMBER 1st Monday

All questions, comments and inquiries are addressed to the League through the League Contact. It is not possible for the Officers and Executive Board to answer questions and field inquiries from over 550 coaches and 16000 parents. Everyone's cooperation in this regard will be most appreciated.



Through the New Jersey State Youth Soccer Association (NJSYSA), the MCYSA and its clubs and players are affiliated with the United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA). The USYSA is the youth division of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF). The USSF is the National Governing Body of soccer in the United States and represents the US with the world governing body of soccer, FIFA. Only FIFA affiliated players may play other affiliated players, anywhere in the world, in every tournament or friendly match. This regulation is the means of keeping everyone in the family. If a player, town, or club is found guilty of an offense and given a punishment, there is no way to escape to another team, league, or country.


1.3  Laws of the Game

The game is played in the MCYSA according to the FIFA Laws of the Game. As permitted by the FIFA laws, changes have been made to the substitution rule. For the younger players, there is a shortening of game time and a reduction in ball size. Otherwise, we play soccer virtually the same way it is played in any nation in the world.

[For full listing of the FIFA Laws of the Game - check the FIFA site at: (see links on left for current edition of laws)]


1.4   Schedule

The league games are played on Sundays in the Fall and the Spring. Additionally, each season, league games may be scheduled on Saturdays in order to facilitate completion of league competition within an acceptable timetable. Ideally, each team plays a ten game schedule in a flight composed of 6 teams; opponents will be played both home and away. NOTE:  Any Full or Associate Member Club with only one team entered will play all their games away.  In some cases, more than 6 teams will compose a flight; some opponents will be played home and away, others only home and others only away. Where there are an odd number of teams in a flight, one to three games will be scheduled for Saturdays to allow all teams to play ten games. Teams in those flights will also have one or more byes during the season. In Division I, the schedule consists of 8 games.


1.5   Select Program

The league offers an extensive Select program for especially talented and dedicated players. This program is a demanding experience for both players and families. These teams compete in tournaments against other leagues and travel throughout New Jersey and other nearby states. In some years these teams may travel to Canada or Europe. This program is for players in the league who wish to play a more competitive level of soccer during the summer. Tryouts are held in the spring. Teams are formed in all ages where there is sufficient quality and interest. In order to be eligible to play in the summer select program, a player must be primarily carded to and playing on a team participating in the league in the fall and/or spring season.


1.6   Olympic Development Program

The NJSYSA supervises and administers the Olympic Development Program (ODP) which selects teams composed of highly skilled players for the New Jersey State ODP team. In the younger age groups, Area teams are selected based on tryouts held in August. Once selected, Area teams train until March tryouts for the State ODP team. In the older age groups, open tryouts are held in March. This is the pathway for the aspiring soccer player who hopes to be selected to the regional team and eventually to the United States national team.


1.7  College Showcase

On the first Saturday of June, the League conducts a showcase for players ending their junior year of high school. This program allows League players to be seen by some of the top college coaches in the United States in a 7 v 7 format. The success of this program can be gauged by the number of players who have received significant financial assistance for their college studies


1.8   Bob and Matt Keegan Scholarship (boys) and Robbin Rinier Scholarship (girls)

Each year the League awards two $1000 scholarships, one to a boy and one to a girl who have demonstrated their commitment to the Morris County Youth Soccer Association and to their communities and who have exemplified the high ideals and dedication to duty shown by Bob and Matt Keegan and Robbin Rinier


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1999 thru 2012 MCYSA - Morris County Youth Soccer Association

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