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  3. Team Registration

3.1  Registration Form
Age Groups
Levels of Play / Flight Placement of Teams
Appeal of Preliminary Flighting
Dropping a Registered Team
Coaches Training


3.1 Registration Form

 A club must submit a Team Registration Form online for each team that it is registering in a season. Instructions for completing the form are located on the web site Only League Contacts may register teams. Under no circumstances may a coach register his/her team.  

The information that is required on the form is:

  1. Club name.
  2. Team Name which is unique within the club and a real name. This is a NJYSA rule. Team names such as 'DIV 3B', '79 ERs', or 'Laker Girls'/'Laker Boys' will not be accepted - Names using gender or age designations are not acceptable. All teams within a club cannot have the same name, i.e.: "East Meadow Clash." There must be distinct/unique names such as "East Meadow Clash Falcons", "East Meadow Clash Storm", "East Meadow Clash Tigers", etc. If a team used a different name last season, indicate the prior name.  Team Registration will not be accepted without unique names.
  3. Whether or not the team is entering State Cup during the upcoming season.
  4. Each team must list a Coach, Primary Contact, and Alternate Contact.  The Primary and Alternate Contacts must be 2 different people and may not be members of the same household. The coach may also be listed as the Primary OR Alternate contact if they wish.   
  5. The following information must be supplied for the Coach, Primary Contact, and Alternate Contact:  Name, Coaching License Level and Referee Grade, personal email address, phone (including area code), fax (if available), cell phone (optional), and mailing address.  Phone numbers are needed so that the teams in a flight can contact each other to confirm games time, directions, and emergency situations. Addresses are necessary for League mailings. Fax numbers and email addresses are needed for rapid communication.
  6. Team gender.
  7. Number of boys and number of girls on team.
  8. Age brackets of team players and number of players in each bracket.
  9. Comments on skill levels of players.
  10. Team history for prior 2 seasons - leagues played in, age groups, won-lost record
  11. Players returning, not returning and new.
  12. Flight Age Bracket requested (age).
  13. Flight Level requested (level of play) - This is to indicate the Strength of the team.  The proper flight placement of a team should be at a level where it would expect to have a .500 season. A team placed too high would not offer its opponents a proper challenge. A team placed too low would risk its sporting reputation by spoiling the flight balance. The players would not advance in ability to realize their full potential. The League Contact and the coach should discuss this prior to submission of the form.
  14. Any additional information which may be helpful in flighting the team.

Division VI teams need not enter a team strength or recent team history.


3.2 Age Groups 

Teams are grouped into age brackets based on ages of the players. The age bracket, or age, of a team is based on the age of it's oldest player as of July 31st before the beginning of the seasonal year.  A seasonal year begins on September 1st and ends on August 31st of the following year.  An age bracket runs from August 1st of one year through July 31st of the next year. 

The ages in each division for the upcoming season will be noted in the registration form. 


3.3 Levels of Play / Flight Placement of Teams 

For Divisions I - V, (U19 thru U09), the League offers several levels of competition in each age Division.  

For Division VI, (U08), all teams are the same level of play. 

Teams are organized into flights. When a team is registered, the league attempts to place the team at the level requested by the Club. Club requests must be realistic. The description of the teams contained in the registration form must be accurate in order to correctly flight the teams. 

The task of structuring flights is the work of the Flight Placement Committee, chaired by the 1st Vice-President. Other members of the Committee include the President, 2nd Vice-President, and Games Chair, together with such other individuals as the 1st Vice-President may wish to appoint. This is a process of immense difficulty that leagues all over the world struggle with each season. 

At the beginner's level, the prime consideration in organizing flights is geography. At the higher levels of play, competition and age are the prime considerations with little regard to geography. In other levels of play, both competition and geography are used to determine the flight placement. 

In Division VI, there are no levels of play and teams will be flighted according to geography. 


3.4 Appeal Of Preliminary Flighting 

For Divisions I - V, the flighting that is developed by the Flight Placement Committee is given to the League Contacts for their clubs to review. The Clubs may appeal the preliminary flighting by filing a written appeal via the online Flight Change Request form. The appeal must be submitted within the time limits specified when the preliminary flighting is distributed. There will be no extensions of time within which to submit an appeal. The flight placement committee may move a team up or down in connection with an appeal. A final flighting is then formulated which is binding for the season. It is crucially important that League Contacts communicate flight placement with their coaches. 

For Division VI, there is no appeal of placement as the flights are not constructed based on team strength. 


3.5 Dropping a Registered Team 

Clubs should only enter teams which will play in the upcoming season. While this may seem obvious, there have been far too many cases of teams being entered and subsequently dropped. A club that enters a team and drops it before publication of the final flighting will be fined $150.00. A club that drops a registered team after the publication of the final flighting will be fined $500. Any club that drops a registered team within 10 days of the start of league play will be fined $1000. The Executive Board may increase the fine if a Club repeatedly drops teams.


3.6 Coaches Training 

MCYSA and NJSYSA require each coach and assistant coach to have a valid coaching license, Class F or higher. 

To meet the requirements of the New Jersey law concerning civil liability immunity, every coach must attend a training course. The 'F' license course taken any year after 1991 meets this requirement. A list of currently available courses is available by contacting NJSYSA. MCYSA and NJSYSA may sponsor the necessary training courses or you may attend the course when sponsored by another organization.


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1999 thru 2012 MCYSA - Morris County Youth Soccer Association

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