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  4. Registration and Rostering

4.1  Player Registration

4.1.1  Player Pass
Player Registration Form
Proof of Age
Medical Release
Lost Passes

4.2  Team Rostering
Coach Registration
Movement of Players Between Teams

4.4.1  General Conditions
Requests for Release
Imposition of Penalty
Hardship Teams

4.5  Poaching



4.1 Player Registration

Ten days before the start of the season a team must register all the players on the team with the New Jersey State Youth Soccer Association (NJSYSA). The State has appointed District Commissioners to do this work. In the capacity of District Commissioner they are acting as officials of the State not the League. The completion of the player registration forms and their validation by a District Commissioner will produce a player pass. The player pass identifies the player, gives the date of birth of the player, and bears a photo of the player.

Please refer to Section 2 of the "New Jersey Youth Soccer Handbook," located inside the packet envelope for all pertinent instructions regarding completion of the required documents and special case situations.

4.1.1 Player Pass

The front of the player pass has the player's name, date of birth, the club and team name, team number, age group, seasonal year, and player number. The Club must fill in the name, date of birth and team name. The team name must be the same on all player passes. The team number and player number are preprinted on the pass. The team number must agree with the preprinted number on the State roster form. The District Commissioner will complete the age group. The seasonal year is also preprinted.

The back of the pass contains a picture of the player and the player signature. Only the player can sign his/her pass. The NJSYSA has imposed heavy fines and long suspensions upon coaches who have signed their players' passes. The picture should be a recent passport sized photo - about 1.5 x 1.5 inches; original, no copies. No computer generated, Polaroid or photo copies may be used as the picture. The pass may not contain any erasures, write overs, or white outs (use another blank pass instead). After registration, the pass must be laminated in plastic. Passes which are not laminated will be confiscated by the referees.

The Club must make sure that the player passes are correctly completed and validated. If a discrepancy is noted at game time, the player may play. However, the player's pass will be collected by the referee and forwarded with the game report to the Disciplinary Chairperson.

If a player's pass is mislaid, the player will not play. If an attempt is made to persuade the referee to allow a player without a valid pass to enter a match, the referee will record this action in the game report. The pink team roster cannot be used as a substitute for the player passes since no photograph appears on it.

In a game where a player is ejected, that player's pass will not be returned by the referee to the team. The referee will send the pass to the Discipline Chairperson. After or during the suspension period, only a club officer may make arrangements to pick up the pass from the Disciplinary Chairperson. The pass will not be mailed back to the Club.

A player must have a player pass to play. In accordance with the NJSYSA By-Laws, the MCYSA policy is:


4.1.2 Player Membership Form

The Player Membership Form must be completed and signed by the player and by a parent or guardian. This form must be given to the District Commissioner when the player passes are validated.

4.1.3 Proof of Age

Each year, at registration, a player must present a copy of proof of age. This will be retained by the District Commissioner, forwarded to the NJYSA state office, or returned to the coach after verification. Therefore, do not present original documents. Proof of age can be a copy of a:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • Alien registration card
  • Board of Health Record
  • Certificate of Naturalization
  • Department of Defense I D Card
  • (Baptismal, or religious certificates are not acceptable.)

4.1.4 US Youth Soccer Medical Release Form

A medical release form must be filled out, signed by a parent or legal guardian and properly notarized by a Notary Public. This form must be shown to the District Commissioner when registering a player but is retained by the coach.

4.1.5 Lost Passes

A lost player pass can be replaced by obtaining a new one from the District Commissioner who originally registered the player. You will need the player's photo and the pass number of the lost pass.


4.2 Team Rostering

Each team must complete the team roster form and submit to the District Commissioner for validation.

A team may have a maximum of 18 active players on its roster for a full sided team (U11-U16) and 14 active players for a small sided team (U08-U10). A team may have no more than a total of 21 players rostered during a seasonal year for a full sided team (U11-U16) and no more than 17 players for a small sided team (U08-U10), including transfer and secondary players. A team may roster no more than three transfer players.

Commencing with the start of the Fall 2005 season, Division I - U17, U18, and U19 teams, may have up to twenty two [22] active players on their roster (no more than a total of 25 players rostered during seasonal year).   A maximum of 18 players may participate on game day.  NJYS will only make available the 22 roster carding packet for these Division 1 teams who's oldest player is U17, U18, or U19. 

A player can only play for the team for which he/she is registered. Teams that violate this rule will forfeit any game where an unregistered player plays. The player, coach, and club are subject to further disciplinary action by MCYSA in addition to any action taken by NJSYSA. MCYSA action may include, but will not be limited to, immediate indefinite suspension of the coach and or assistant coaches involved, the imposition of a fine to the coach involved, and an appearance of the Club officers and coach and or assistant coaches involved at a MCYSA hearing.

Commencing with the start of the Fall 2003 season:

  • U07 players and younger may not play travel soccer.

  • U08 players may not play on a full sided team.

Commencing with the start of the Fall 2009 season:

  • U09 players may not play on a full sided team.

  • U10 players may ONLY play on a U10 or U11 team.

U11 teams must have a majority of U11 players at all times during the season year.

MCYSA has adopted the policy of multiple rostering through the use of Secondary Player Passes. In the case of conflicts, the player is obligated to play with his/her primary team. These passes can only be obtained through the NJSYSA office. Any coach interested in using secondary player passes should contact the state office for information. Secondary passes will not be allowed for players U10 and younger.


4.3 Coach Registration

Coaches are registered on an NJSYSA Coaches ID pass. The coach's ID will be validated by the District Commissioner when the player passes are validated. Coaches must submit a copy of their license to the District Commissioner when registering. A team roster submitted to a district commissioner will not be validated unless the named coach possesses an NJSYSA issued coach's license.


4.4 Movement of Players Between Teams

The NJYSA rules permit each member league to set its own rules that govern the movement of players between teams during the seasonal year. A summary of these rules is set forth below.

4.4.1 General Conditions

Any player rostered to a team is bound to that team or club for the entire seasonal year unless the player is released or transferred.

4.4.2 Release

A player may be released if he/she has violated NJSYSA, USYSA or USSF rules, moves to a new address far from his/her original team, is injured to the extent that he/she can no longer play, or requests to be released.

4.4.3 Requests for Release

Players who request a release for the purpose of transferring to another team shall make application to the District Commissioner who originally issued his/her player pass, submit his/her existing player pass and obtain the signature of his/her current team or club official. The player shall justify to the satisfaction of the District Commissioner the player's reason for requesting a release.

4.4.4 Imposition of Penalty

NJSYSA rules state that the player must serve a three (3) league game waiting period before the player joins the new team. This three game waiting period begins when the player is rostered to the new team.

It is the policy of the MCYSA that the District Commissioners will impose a three (3) game waiting period in all cases which involve a transfer from one club to another. There will be no penalty for transfers between teams within the same club.  NJYS rules state that other than players transferring between teams within a club, all transfers or additions of previously carded players have a a three (3) game waiting period imposed.

It is also the policy of the MCYSA that other leagues follow this MCYSA rule and impose a three (3) game waiting period when a player transfers from a MCYSA team to a team in another league.

4.4.5 Hardship Teams

Normally, teams are limited to adding a maximum of three (3) players who have already rostered on another team(s). Hardship exemptions may be granted to teams which violate the above provisions upon approval of the Travel Area Commissioner and the MCYSA. Such teams may be formed for league play only and are not permitted to play in tournaments.


4.5 Poaching

Poaching is an action by a team or club to induce or attempt to induce a rostered player of any other team to leave the player's present team and play for another team or club during the current seasonal year. Poaching does not apply to inducing players to play for a team in the following seasonal year. All claims of poaching will be heard by the NJSYSA Appeals committee. Penalties for poaching may include suspension to one year and a fine up to $500.


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