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  6. During the Season

6.1 Postponements & EarlyPlay

6.1.1  Rescheduling of Postponed Games
Procedure for Rescheduling
Early Notice of Field Unavilability

6.2  The Week of the Game
League Discipline

6.3.1  General
Referee Assaults
Procedures for Appeal of Disciplinary Action



6.1 Postponements & EarlyPlay

Once Home Game Schedule Files are returned by the clubs, games are expected to be played as scheduled.  The only exceptions to this would be an unexpected Postponement or an EarlyPlay submission.

There are only 4 acceptable reasons for postponing a regularly scheduled game:  

  1. Inclement weather or field unavailability
  2. State Cup / National Competition game conflict
  3. Notice of Conflict to the Game Chair prior to start of season - see Section 5.2.1.
  4. Request approved by MCYSA Executive Board (only in extraordinary circumstances)

Under no circumstances will a game be postponed because of:

  1. Insufficient number of players
  2. Top players unavailable
  3. Players engaging in other non-soccer sports events
  4. Mutual agreement
  5. Any other circumstances not covered by the four acceptable reasons listed above.

6.1.1 Rescheduling of Postponed Games 

All games must be rescheduled within two weeks of the original date. There will be no exceptions other than a subsequent rainout. Failure to comply will result in a double forfeit and a fine ($100.00 plus referee fees) to both teams. Where possible, teams are encouraged to play a make-up game before the date the game was originally scheduled on. Site games, when postponed, are not rescheduled by the league but become a home game for the team listed as the home team in the league schedule. 

6.1.2 Procedure for Rescheduling Postponed Games:  

  1. No later than the Wednesday immediately after the original game date, the home team will offer the visiting team two dates within two weeks of the original game date.
  2. If the coaches cannot agree, the League Contacts will arbitrate.
  3. If the League Contacts cannot agree, the Games Chair will set a game date.
  4. Games may not be rescheduled again except for weather.
  5. Notification of new reschedule details must be submitted using the online Schedule Change Request form.   A minimum of seven (7) days notice must be provided.
    NOTE: Schedule Changes can not be submitted without prior agreement from both clubs/teams!!

6.1.3 Early Notice of Field Unavailability: 

If the home team knows two days before a scheduled game that the field will be unavailable, the game must be moved to the visiting team's field, if such a field is available. In such cases, the Games Chair must be notified immediately.  Please see Section 5.2.2 concerning field unavailability at the start of the Spring season.   If a referee had already been assigned to the game at your site and has contacted you, get in touch with them to let them know you will not be playing the game at your site. 

6.1.4 EarlyPlay: 

Other than a postponement as described above, the only other allowable modification to the game scheduled would be EarlyPlay.  This is a situation where the teams wish to play a game on an earlier date than currently scheduled.  Changes due to EarlyPlay must be submitted by the home club League Contact or Field Scheduler via the online Schedule Change Request form.  The new game details must be submitted a minimum of seven (7) days prior to the new game date.
NOTE: Schedule Changes can not be submitted without prior agreement from both clubs/teams!!





6.2 The Week of the Game 

At a minimum, the home team coach or manager must contact the opposing coach or manager no later than Wednesday of the week of a scheduled game to confirm directions to the location of the game. The time & location of the game will have already been established in the Home Field Schedule, or subsequent approved Schedule Change, but a courtesy call or email in the spirit of good sportsmanship is appreciated.





6.3 League Discipline 

Each Club and its officials shall have overall responsibility for conduct of coaches, managers and players during the League season. Each coach is specifically responsible for conduct of his players and fans, on and off the field, before, during and after the game.

Failure to exercise this responsibility will result in disciplinary action to the Club, its officials and the coach, which may include expulsion from the League or lesser penalties as determined by the Board of Directors. 

6.3.1 General 

The Board of Directors is authorized to suspend, bar completely, or otherwise discipline any player, coach, manager, team assistant, or officer from any member team or club. The MCYSA Discipline Committee consists of individuals appointed by the President of the league and acts for the Board of Directors. One of the Board members of the League shall chair the Discipline Committee. 

The purpose of the Discipline Committee is to review all submitted referee game reports and to administer disciplinary actions as required. This includes the entire seasonal year and any sanctioned tournaments. If a tournament report is sent to MCYSA concerning an ejected player, MCYSA may enforce its discipline policy in league games as a result of the information contained in the report. 

The committee will base its judgments on referee game reports and other direct sources as required. All penalties and misconduct's will be dealt with according to this handbook and in the interest of the good and welfare of the league. 

MCYSA has adopted a point system (guide line) to fairly administer discipline. The system is attached as Appendix A. (moved from 6.3.2) 

All information about suspensions and other disciplinary actions affecting clubs, players, and coaches will originate from the Discipline Committee and will be sent directly to the Club Officers. All inquiries and communications with the Discipline Committee will be maintained only through the Club President or Club League Contact - no exceptions. 

In a game in which a player is expelled or a coach is dismissed, that individual's pass will not be returned to the team after the game. The referee will send the pass to the Disciplinary Chair. The Disciplinary Committee will review the incident and administer the appropriate discipline. A Club President or League Contact may petition the Discipline Chair for the early release of a suspended player's or coach's pass for the sole purpose of participation in a USYSA sanctioned tournament. 

Only the League Contact or League President will be able to retrieve the pass from the Discipline Chair. 

6.3.2 Players 

Red Card - Ejection: A minimum one (1) game suspension. Any additional game suspensions and / or actions may be assessed depending on the severity of the offense. 

Yellow Card - Caution: Two yellow cards in the same game will result in a one game suspension in addition to the game expulsion. Cumulative yellow cards in a season, not necessarily in consecutive games will result in a one game minimum suspension as directed by the Discipline Committee. Any additional game suspensions and / or actions may be assessed depending on the severity of the offenses and / or the circumstances surrounding either or both cautions.  

6.3.3 Coaches 

Red Card - Dismissal: The penalty for the dismissal of a coach is a minimum two game suspension and a minimum $200 fine to the club. Additional game suspensions and / or actions may be assessed depending on the severity of the offense. A coach may be suspended and or fined for not complying with the MCYSA rules and regulations. The severity of the suspension and or fine will be dependent on the infraction. 

Yellow Card - Caution: A coach will be sent-off if he/she receives a second caution in the same game (comparable to a Red Card offense). Cumulative yellow cards during the season will result in suspension and or fine as directed by the Discipline Committee.   Additional cautions may result in a lengthy suspension and or fine as directed by the Disciplinary Committee. 

Removing the team from the field - The action of removing a team from the field during the game and refusing to continue to play is a most serious offense. The penalty for such action will be to suspend the coach for the balance of the season with a minimum of five games and a minimum of $250.00 fine to the club.

 6.3.4 Referee Assaults 

A. Physical 

In the event of a referee assault, the individual involved shall be suspended from league competition for a minimum of eight games, in addition to the game at which the alleged assault occurred. 

B. Verbal 

In the event that a MCYSA player, coach or club official has verbally assaulted the referee, the individual involved shall be suspended from league competition for a minimum of four games, in addition to the game at which the alleged assault occurred. 

The state will be notified of any Referee Assault.  NJYSA will determine what actions will be taken which may be in addition to MCYSA actions. 

6.3.5 Probation 

Clubs, players, managers, coaches, team assistants, or officers from any member team or clubs may be placed on probation by the MCYSA Board of Directors or its delegate (including the Discipline Committee). Individuals or Clubs placed on probation shall be subject to the terms and conditions of continued participation in MCYSA as the Board of Directors or its delegate shall determine and specify. The duration of the probation shall also be determined and specified by the Board of Directors or its delegate. 

6.3.6 Procedures for Appeal of Disciplinary Action (Entire section has been updated to clarify the procedures)

Please note that all disciplinary actions will go into affect immediately upon notification from the Discipline Committee. Clubs may only appeal the decision of the Disciplinary Committee if the disciplinary action administered is in excess of the minimum set forth in the handbook.

ie . . if the handbook calls for a two game suspension and $200.00 fine and the disciplinary committee
. . . .administers a 3 game suspension and $400.00 fine. Only the additional game and $200.00 fine can be appealed.

Appeals must be made in a written communication from the Club President or Club League Contact.

Appeals shall be mailed to the Disciplinary Chairperson. The appeal must be postmarked within 3 (three) calendar days of notification by the Discipline Committee. The appeal must include all information on which the appeal of the decision of the disciplinary chair is based. Failure to supply additional pertinent information will result in the appeal being denied. An appeal fee of $100.00 plus any assessed fines must accompany the appeal. The appeal fee and the assessed fine over the minimum will be returned if the appeal is upheld.

Upon receipt of the appeal and ($100.00) payment, the Disciplinary Chair will convene a hearing of the members of the Executive Board. The Disciplinary Chair will present all information the disciplinary committee used in making their decision along with any additional information provided as the basis for the appeal by the club. The Executive Board at that time will decide to convene a formal hearing with the club and affected parties or render a decision at that time based on the information provided.

Any appeal will be handled by the MCYSA Board of Directors whose decision will be the final authority for the MCYSA





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