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  8. Forfeits


Teams join MCYSA to play Soccer. When a team forfeits a match, both sides are deprived of a chance to play. MCYSA expects that all games will be played when scheduled and forfeits are not tolerated.  

If one team fails to show up for the game within the allotted grace period, that team forfeits the match. The referee will record the fact that the team did not appear on the game report. 

A team cannot send in a report to claim a forfeit. A referee must verify that one team failed to appear. To verify a forfeit of a game where there was no assigned referee present, the League Contact of the club which appeared for the match will send the game card to the Games Chair for verification of the forfeit. 

Any team that forfeits a match will be fined $100.00 plus the Referee fee (if applicable). 

Any club that has multiple forfeits in a single season may be placed on probation by MCYSA Board. If a club has a subsequent forfeit during the probation period, that club will jeopardize its membership in the league. 

If the visiting team forfeits the match, MCYSA will reimburse the home team for the referee fee that was paid. MCYSA will pay the referee if the home team forfeits the match.  

In addition to the fines, any team that forfeits a match during the season is not eligible to become the flight champion in that season. That is, if you fail to show up for a scheduled game and forfeit the match, you also forfeit the chance to become the flight winner. A team that has a victory because another team forfeited a match is still in contention for a possible flight winner. 

Fines will be assessed as soon as possible during the course of the year.

Clubs that have outstanding fines unpaid prior to the start of a season:

  1. Will not receive game cards for their teams at the mandatory coaches’ meetings, and
  2. Will not be eligible to participate in league play until such time as the fines are paid


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