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  9. Protesting a Game


If a team feels that there has been some action that affects the game result, they may protest this action to the league. Where the protest concerns a game that was played, as opposed to a forfeit, it is important this be noted in the game report for the protest to be upheld. It is inappropriate to shout out an intention to protest the game. Simply take this matter up with the referee at the end of the game.

Protests should be discussed at the Club level and with your Officers. All protests must be filed by the Club through its President or League Contact, not the coach of the team or team member. If a club decides to file a protest, the protest must be emailed to the League's Game Chairperson within 3 calendar days of the game. The protest fee of $100.00 must accompany the protest. A copy of the protest must also be submitted to the 2nd Vice President and the President of the League. If upheld, the protest fee will be returned. If the protest is not properly submitted, it will not be considered by MCYSA. 

Grounds for a protest are varied but do not include judgment decisions by a referee.  

A technical error by a referee is valid grounds for a protest.  If a technical error results in the replaying of a game, the league will pay the referee fee for the replayed game.  

All protests will he handled by the MCYSA Board of Directors whose decision will be the final authority for the MCYSA.   

There will be no protests of Division VI (U08) or Division V (U09 and U10) games.

If you feel there is a problem that should be addressed by MCYSA, your Club League Contact or President should contact the Board


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1999 thru 2012 MCYSA - Morris County Youth Soccer Association

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