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11. After the Season

11.1  Standings
Flight Winners


11.1 Standings 

The standings of teams in League competition will be used to determine flight winners. The flight winner is the team with the most points. Three points are awarded for a victory, one point for a tie. If the season ends and more that one team in the flight have identical points, the League will declare co-champions. The Board of Directors, in its discretion, may also declare co-champions in exceptional circumstances. Goals for and against have no bearing in league standings. A team which has forfeited a game cannot be a flight winner. Club's must be in good standing with the MCYSA organization in order to have their team's eligible for flight winner consideration. 

11.2 Flight Winners 

Flight winners will be determined in all Divisions at the conclusion of the season. Each club's League Contact must contact the Games Chairperson to confirm flight winners. 

11.3 Awards

Awards may not be picked up before the end of the season even if a team has clinched first place beforehand. Teams winning their flight will receive awards for each player (max. 18). The 1st Vice-President will arrange for the League Contacts to pick up the awards.


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