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Appendix A – Discipline Point System Guidelines

A.1 & A.2 - Please refer to REFEREE ROOM for current point system:

7 + 7 Cautionable and Sending-Off Offenses (Professional Edition)
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~ Points are the small italic numbers on the left side of the offenses ~

A.3  Responsibilities

A.3.1  League Contact responsibility
A.3.2  Coaching staff responsibility


A.3 Responsibilities

In connection with assessed disciplinary actions: 

It is requested and expected that the L/R and the coaching staff check all messaging devices (email, phone and or faxes) prior to game time

NO EXCEPTIONS will be accepted.

If the denoted (below) procedures are not followed, the suspension will not count and further disciplinary action may be assessed by the league.

After disciplinary action has been assessed to the club and or team: 

For the minimum assessed discipline, the League has the right to advise the Club up to and no later that Saturday 10:00 AM. The League expects that the assessed discipline is carried out. 

For extended assessed discipline, the League will give the Club ample time to appeal the assessed discipline - (see section 6.3.6 for appeal procedures) 

A.3.1 League Contact responsibility

  • The LC must advise the team and or coach of the assessed discipline. 
  • The LC must instruct the coaching staff of their responsibility in administering the assessed discipline. 
  • The LC must ensure that the assessed discipline is carried out properly.

A.3.2  Coaching staff responsibility

  • Upon being advised by the League and or L/R, the coach MUST comply immediately with the assessed
    discipline (next scheduled game).
  • All suspensions (coach and or player) must be denoted by the game coaching staff on the game roster.  
  • The coaching staff MUST denote the suspended person (coach and or player) suspension by crossing the
    person's name out (on the game roster) and mark "serving suspension next to the name".
  • A suspended coach MUST not be involved (in any form) or be present (in the vicinity 100 yards of the field)
    during the scheduled suspended games.
  • For the coach to be reinstated, all aspects of the assessed penalty must be cleared (suspension and fine if applicable)

The referee MUST be advised by the coaching staff prior to the start of the game of the serving suspension.


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1999 thru 2012 MCYSA - Morris County Youth Soccer Association

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