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Before registration records are sent to the Flighting Committee so we you to review the Registration Status Pages check to make your teams are registered properly.

  • Be sure all teams from your club are listed

  • All Teams are showing the correct AGE and GENDER

  • If your registration is still listed with an Error Message - but sure to reply to the notice that was sent out.

  • Most all registrations still listed as "Imported - Verification in Progress" still need to be reviewed and will be marked as Complete unless there is a problem. If there are any questions on the registration, it will be marked with an Error Message and Debbie Turner will be in touch with you.


CONFLICT NOTICES - link at PreSeason Conflict Notification
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Conflict Notification submissions are due from League Contacts about the time Final Flighting is posted.  Check the calendar page for the exact date for the upcoming season.  If teams are not familiar with Preseason Conflict Notifications (PCN's), please get in touch with your Club's League Contact.

  • COACHES - Review the Game Dates on the web calendar and check with your team families now for any major date conflicts. If you find there is a conflict on a date where you can not field a team, get in touch with your club's League Contact so they may submit a PCN (Preseason Conflict Notice) by the deadline.

  • If necessary, one or two conflict notices may be submitted for any team who know there will be a conflict for the majority of their players and can not field a team on a particular published game date.

  • PCN's may only be be submitted by League Contacts

  • PCN's may only be submitted for teams that have registered and who's registration record is not flagged with an error.

  • A PCN's submitted by your League Contact by the deadline will allow a rescheduling of a game falling on the conflict date.

  • PCN's submitted after the deadline can not be honored.

  • NEW - As PCN's are received they will be logged on the Preseason Conflict Notices Received page so you can see what has been submitted and received.

  • PCN's will be reflected on the Home Game Schedule files sent out to club Field Schedulers.  All date conflicts must have alternate details (date/time/field) are resolved by both teams and included on the Home Game Schedule Files returned by the clubs in late March.

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NJYS Player and Coach passes are valid from September 1 through August 31 (the soccer seasonal year.)

  • Spring teams that played in any league the prior Fall season, and have already been carded with NJYS passes, do not need new passes and are termed "RETURNING" teams.

  • Teams playing this Spring Season for the first time are termed "NEW" teams and will need NJYS passes.

  • Teams that do not have NJYS passes are always termed "NEW" teams and will need to register with NJYS via the GotSoccer to get passes. (US Club Soccer passes can not be used in MCYSA.)  The GotSoccer registration system went into effect commencing with the Fall 2010 season.  Your club's Primary Carding Contact will let you know the proper procedure for that process.

  • Division 1 or 2 teams that have already purchased and received a Carding Packet do not need new packets, but should be listed as  "NEW" teams on the club and team registrations in order for our counts to be correct. If you've already paid for the packet, there are NO additional registration fees due - but a full registration record must be submitted for the team.

  • Carding Packets will be ordered based on the number of registrations received and will be distributed at a League Contact meeting or special carding meeting.

  • IF you have not mailed in your clubs Registration Fees remember they must accompanied by the new Payment Form (can be downloaded from the REGISTRATION or FORMS link on the home page.)

  • Checks are no longer mailed to the Parsippany PO Box - new mailing instructions are included on the update Payment Forms.

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CLUB WEB PAGES on the MCYSA site -
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  • The pages currently show the information from last season - and is indicated as such as the top of the pages.

  • All Club Web Pages will be updated prior to the posting of the initial schedule. The contact information on the pages come from the Club and Team registrations received for the upcoming season.

  • For Club & Team Contacts: The email address listed in the registration that will be linked for you and will be used by other teams in your flight, clubs, and league to reach your team or club. You should have access to this address during the week and weekends - and be a frequent email user - as time sensitive information may be sent to you.

  •  If you would like to change the email address that is used for you, or add an additional address of yours, you can do so by submitting a Contact Change Form (in our FORMS section)

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  • A few days after the registration deadline, the registration records are passed on to the Flighting Committee will work on Preliminary Flighting

  • Preliminary Flighting will be posted about 2 weeks after the registration deadline.

  • After that there is a period where Flight Change Requests will be accepted from League Contacts.

  • Adjustments may be made based on Flight Change Requests that come in and then Final Flighting is posted

  • Once FINAL FLIGHTING is posted we will be setting up the season Schedule - showing Game Dates and Opponents.

  • 1-2 weeks after Final Flighting is posted, club Field Schedulers will receive their Home Game Schedules which they will add in the time and field information for their games and make any adjustments that have been agreed upon. 

    • Games marked as PCN must have alternate arrangements agreed upon and entered. 

    • Alternate Arrangements for any other games may be made as long as both opponents agree.

  • Once the Home Game Schedule files are completed and returned, the master schedule will be posted with complete information.

  • Once the Master Schedule is posted, except for the allowable postponements & EarlyPlay procedures outlined in the League Handbook, games are expected to be played as scheduled!

  • Game Packets with schedules, flight contacts, and Game Cards are distributed at the League Contact & Coaches Meetings the week prior to season opening.

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We encourage anyone interested in becoming a referee or upgrading their referee license continue to check the class listings at 

  • Clubs: There are many budding Referees amongst our coaching, parent, and player ranks. Please encourage folks within your community to become Youth Soccer Referees. Teenage and college age players are motivated by a recent increase in game fees and the potential for experiences that can last a lifetime. For those who have hung up the boots it's a great way to stay close to a game many of us love. Parents have an opportunity to give back to the game as a Referee or simply an opportunity to participate in a class to better understand the laws of the game. I've known many coaches who have encourage existing players to participate as Referee's to better their knowledge of the game. I've never met a coach or X-player that regretted the experience of becoming a Referee and many retain their licenses for years to come.

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  • Upcoming Coaching Courses and contact information are listed on the NJYS site -  under COACHING EDUCATION PROGRAMS.

  • Let us know if your club will be hosting a Coaching course and we'll list it on our site as well  Be sure to include Dates, Times, and contact information.

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  • New season information, Game Dates, Registration Status, Flighting, links etc. is posted on the NEW SEASON INFO page (linked on our home page.) Information is posted frequently as it becomes available.

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  • You are being sent this message because you (with this email address) have been listed on one of the MCYSA FALL 2007 Registration recently received. Club Registrations include the club President, League Contact, Field Scheduler, Treasurer, Registrar, and Secretary. Team Registrations list the Coach, Primary Contact, and Alternate Contact.

  • If you are receiving this message and are NOT associated with a youth soccer team playing in MCYSA, or feel your email address has been submitted on the registration record in error, please notify us at  as soon as possible so our records can be corrected.

  • Contacts with email addresses returned as undeliverable will be removed from our records.

  • Otherwise, no reply is necessary to this message as this is just verifying that the email address listed for you in the registration is valid and to serve as a reminder to check a few things as we get underway for the Fall season.

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