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Division 1 & Division 2 EARLY PACKET REQUESTS

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Traditionally there is no MCYSA flighting or game scheduling for Division 1 and Division 2 teams each FALL because there are not enough U15-U19 teams registering to create flights..  However, many older teams elect to card their players early on so they can participate in tournaments or indoor games scheduled before the Spring season. 

  • Between July 1st and December 15th you can request Early Carding Packets for the Spring Season for Division 1 (U17. U18, U19) and Division 2 (U15, U16)teams by submitting this form

  • Once the form is submitted, payment and pickup arrangements for the carding packet prior to the Spring packet distribution date must be made with the League Registrar. 

  • Note at during Spring Registration a complete team registration record must still be submitted by 01/15 for all teams who have requested an early packet.  Since packets for those teams have already been paid for and distributed, no additional payment will be required - but we must have the completed registration for our records or they can not be scheduled for Spring games

  • PLEASE use "Proper Case" when filling in form
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    Each team in a club must have a UNIQUE name or registration can not be accepted and will have to be resubmitted in full.

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    Note that Division 5 & 6 teams (U08-U10) receive regular Small Sided packets ($170) that allow for an 14 active player roster.
    Note that
    Division 2-4 teams (U11-U16) receive regular Full Sided packets ($215) that allow for an 18 active player roster.
    Division 1 teams (U17, U18, U19) receive Division 1 Packets ($245) that allow for an 22 active player roster.  Division 1 teams can not use a regular Full Sided packet.
    TO AVOID PROBLEMS WITH YOUR ROSTER and CARDING PACKET, BE SURE TO SELECT THE CORRECT PACKET by indicating the age of the oldest player on the team!!

    Expected Number of GIRLS on Team:

    Not sure of Age Brackets ??

    Expected Number of BOYS on Team:
    Age of OLDEST Player on Team: Team Age Bracket is dependent
    upon age of oldest player on team.
    NOTE:  Division 3, 4, 5 teams can not register for early packets until after the Fall Season



    Requests for Early Carding Packets must be submitted no later than December 15th deadline

    Please realized that using this Early Packet Form will allow your club to pay for and obtain
    the carding packet prior to Spring Packet Distribution.

    You WILL HAVE to complete a full registration form for this team during the Spring Registration process
    however, there will be NO additional registration fee at that time.


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