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Showcases - For the College Bound Player - These are tournaments designed for the college bound player where college coaches will be in attendance

Winter - Spanning several Months - These are usually winter indoor league play or tournaments that span several months.  (Winter indoor one day/one weekend tournaments are listed on the respective Month pages listed at the right.)

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Tournaments by Month - You will find the current and future tournaments each listed on the MONTH pages.  These pages are  continually set to  "wrap-around" the year - continually revolving.  As the months pass, those tournaments are added to our Archive listings and the prior months pages are reset for the upcoming year. 

I.E.  If it is now September 2008 - Sep, Oct, Nov, and Dec pages will show tournaments for 2008
and Jan-Aug pages will show 2009 tournaments.

There are special pages highlighting College Showcase Tournaments that offer a venue for College Bound players, and for Winter Tournaments or League Play where the events span several months.

Archive Pages - As a month passes, those tournaments are added to our Archive listings.  This is helpful if you can't find information on an upcoming tournament.  The archive will show previous tournament contact information so you can inquire about an upcoming event.

Year Round / Indoor Soccer Facilities - A listing of Soccer Facilities

Other Sites with Tourney Listings - If you can't find what you are looking for try these sites.

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